It’s been a weekend of destruction around here. Moose recently decided that all dog beds are bad and must die.

Late last week, my husband and I went to dinner and were gone maybe 1.5 hours in which time Moose chewed through bed #1. Honestly, we made every excuse for him in the world like these:

  • He was sad.
  • He was scared?
  • He was Angry!
  • He missed us.
  • He didn’t want to lay down before we left so something must have been wrong.
  • He probably needed a new bed anyway?
Moose Tired from Shredding
Tearing stuff up is exhausting.

So.. we did that. Clearly we were in denial. Hubby ran out the same evening and got a crib mattress for the crate. We have debated about using a crib mattress for some time so we went for it. Moose officially slept 2 winks that night on his crib mattress. He hated it. There was lots of repositioning, standing at the door of the crate, whining.. you get the idea. The crib mattress was returned the next day.

The next evening we put one of the floor beds we already had around the house inside the crate. Moose slept well and we were all happily moving on with our lives. We crated the giant pup for a run to the grocery. Approximately 1 hour later, we returned to shredded bed #2! C’mon man… Sadly the fiber fill in this bed was pre-shredded! It was filled with recycled material which made for an even more FUN experience for Moose I’m sure. It was however, much less fun for Mom and Dad to clean up. I didn’t snap a picture of this bed explosion because well, I was a lot less entertained by the whole thing the second time around.

After bed #2, we made no excuses for our guy. Some cold hard realities:

  • He was being naughty.
  • He very much enjoyed destroying those.
  • He would do it again if given the chance.

For now our guy will be sleeping on blankets or towels when we are away from home. Another adjustment is that this big guy needs more walks! It’s probably best that we get as much energy out of Moose as possible before we leave him alone. This will increase the chance that he’ll sleep thereby decreasing the chance for destruct-o dog antics while we are away.

Lesson learned! 😉

What lessons have you learned the hard way with your pup or pet?