I wanted to do a bit of a photo dump today. As I scroll through the pictures I have the best time laughing at the not-so-perfect shots of my pups. Their squinty eyes or disheveled hair give me a grin each time I see them.  I decided to indeed do a photo dump… But more of an outtakes version.

My pets may not be pleased with me for posting these. Feel free to have a chuckle at their expense.

Did you say TREAT?
I can sleep while you take these pictures, right?
Crazy eye #1
Too close Mom?

There’s no shortage of Millie outtakes too! Unfortunately for Millie, most of her bad pictures are hair-related.

Tiny Ears

This is what happens when you ask the groomer to go a little shorter on the ears this time.

Poodle cut.
Crazy eye #2
Bad Hair Day

And finally my favorite Moose picture of all time.


I’d love to see some of your pets outtakes too! Post one in the comments section or make your own Outtakes Blog Post. Don’t forget to link back to my posting so we can share a laugh together 🙂

Happy Friday! Here’s to a great weekend.