Each Monday I’ll share a quick recap about what Moose and his people did over the weekend. I’m calling this my Monday Minute.

Just popping in for a Monday Minute! Well, you officially didn’t miss anything around our place this weekend. Lots of home projects that needed completing were accomplished. Tasks like hanging things, working on the motorcycle, rearranging furniture.. all pretty boring to read about.

On the puppy front, the dogs did a great deal of laying and waiting on us to be done with things!

Hey Mom, ya done yet?

One exciting (and frightening) thing was that Moose got out of the backyard. I was worried when I called him to the door and no doggie, no nothing. My heart sank so I walked around the side yard to see the gate wide open. Is this every dog owners nightmare? I called out the troops in my most intense voice to “Come look for Moose! The gate was open!!” and I’m pretty sure that’s the fastest everyone has exited our home ever. Luckily, Moose was only a few houses down just you know, sniffing things and wasn’t actually running the streets or weaving in and out of traffic as I had imagined in my “worst-case scenario” mind. I felt this was a possibility because I have seen him chase a single flying wasp a ridiculously long way before.

Anyway, Moose was found safe and sound. And it served as a great reminder for a certain 12 year old boy who had been cutting grass in the backyard just a short time before. 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday!