Each Monday I’ll share a quick recap about what Moose and his people did over the weekend. I’m calling this my Monday Minute or Minutes if I’m feeling particularly long winded 🙂

It was pretty steamy here with scattered rain and high 90’s on both Saturday and Sunday. Today I’m playing catch up and mostly cleaning floors like you do when doggies track in dirt, grass and mud all weekend.

Saturday we had a lazy day which was SO nice! I made one of our favorite easy weekend breakfasts- Biscuits and Bacon.  Allan and I watched our shows, stared at our iPads and drank lots of coffee in our PJ’s. I took Moose for a walk in the neighborhood and we caught some Pokemon on the way. How I got drawn in to Pokemon Go, I will never know… Don’t worry I won’t go walking off a cliff or getting stuck in a tree to catch Pikachu anytime soon! Moose and I are working on using the Easy Walk Harness which is a gentle lead. I want him to walk on a loose leash rather than pulling on his neck all the time. I’m happy to report he’s getting better with every walk! More on the Easy Walk Harness later.

After our walk, we did some grocery shopping and then back home for an easy dinner of Foil Pack Pork Chops. Which is to say, I threw veggies, potatoes, and a pork chop in a foil pack with plenty of seasoning, into the 400 degree oven and bam! dinner was served.

Sunday was a bit more exciting with a trip to McAlister’s for lunch and then a short road trip to the other side of town to Cypress, TX. Allan was picking up a new (to him) motorcycle so we fought the traffic and road closures (290- I’m looking at you) and made it across town. We got the new bike and Allan rode it back home as we had our fingers crossed for no rain. Luckily, after more traffic and that stinkin closed road we made it back to our side of the world and Allan only got rained on for about the last 5 minutes.

Once we were home Moose was incredibly happy to be free and get to “help” Dad in the garage shining on the new bike. Allan always asks Moose when he’s headed out “Wanna help?” and Moose can never resist going outside. Allan snapped the picture below of the bike and I had to do a double take when I saw who was in the background.

Our newest addition…
Hey Dad, I’m here to help!

Happy Monday!