I’ve spent some time talking about Moose but I didn’t want to get too far down the road without introducing Moose’s “big” sister Millie.

Millie is our 3 year old Maltese Poodle mix and has been an actual BREEZE since the night we brought her home. Contrary to the preparation, research and anticipation that brought Moose into our home, Millie was a straight up impulse. Someone needed to re-home their teeny Maltipoo girl and I couldn’t resist her sweet face! Could you?

Hello tiny!

We picked her up the same evening- no bowls, no food, no bed for her to lay in. Millie had a tiny bell on her collar and she was so small that she fit in our hands when we picked her up. I never imagined a puppy so little.

Everything from potty training to crate training came easy for this little girl. We’ve never fussed over her and she’s never asked a thing of us. Millie has definitely been my shadow since she came home. She’s the true definition of a “lap dog”. She’ll choose my lap over any person, dog bed, floor, or mattress around.

Our nightly spot…

We laugh at the contrast between Millie and Moose all the time. Millie has seen the vet for spay and shots ONLY in her lifetime. She doesn’t horse around so we don’t have to worry about her getting hurt or messing things up in the house. Again, she’s a joy and we are so thankful for her!


Millie’s daily schedule:

Wake Mom up at 6:45 sharp.

Outside to pee pee.

Come inside and Mom asks “Millie did you go pee pee?”

Shamefully walk back into the yard and actually do my business.

Come inside again and circle Mom’s legs until she gives me my peanut butter chewy bone.

Find places to hide from Moose while I chew my bone.

Eat breakfast.

Sleep in front bedroom like a cat in the sun from 9AM-5PM. Come out periodically to sniff Moose and make sure my people are doing what I want them to do.

Only go outside when forced to by Mom and interrogated about pee-peeing.

Greet Dad after work and hyperventilate like I haven’t seen him in 3 years.

Eat dinner.

Lay on Mom’s lap as she sits on the couch.

When Mom says “Ready for bed?” sneak a toy into the bedroom so I can chew it in front of Moose’s cage.

Sleep in my own bed until my people snore and then sneak into theirs 😉

Millie Photo Dump!