This week Moose got just one outing due to my back being all kinds of messed up. He kept giving me the “I’m bored” face yesterday so I sucked it up, put on my back brace and we headed for the scale at Petsmart. After walking around the store, sniffing food, watching dogs at daycare and meeting people I got Moose his first Pup-Cup at Starbucks. Did you know Starbucks will give you a little cup of whip cream for your pup if you just ask? Moose was quite pleased indeed!

Mmmm… Pup Cup…



Moose weighed in at 99 pounds this week! So close to triple digits. I bet next week we will be at or above the 100 mark. I measured Moose as well and he measures 31.5 at the withers. His hind end looks like it’s a good 2 inches higher than his shoulder for now. This dog is all legs for the time being. It’s so funny to watch him grow up and then fill out month to month.

Speaking of filling out, we made the transition this week to feeding twice daily since Moose is past the 6 month mark. It’s gone well! A few days Moose has been pacing the kitchen mid-day but these were also the days when he didn’t finish his breakfast. He figured out pretty quickly that he should eat what’s in the bowl.

Other than a trip to Petsmart and some walks in the neighborhood, it’s looked a lot like this at our house as I rested up this week.


Have a great weekend!