It’s my first post so let’s dive right in y’all. My name is Sara and I’m a Great Dane Mama! My husband Allan I have a beautiful blended family that includes and 18 year old, 12 year old and 9 year old (all humans!). We have a Maltipoo named Millie too. I created DaneMamaBlog to share my experiences with my first Great Dane, Moose.

It has truly been an experience having a Great Dane puppy and I think other Dane owners would agree that Dane’s are a true committment (no one told me!).

Moose was born to a back yard breeder here in Houston (also known as BYB). Before we brought Moose home, I didn’t know there was a distinction between BYB’s and reputable, breed specific Breeders. I just never knew to look that far into a dog’s breeding. In the past 4-5 months however, I’ve done tons of reading and researching about the breed and now see the difference in the two. I’ll share more soon about the importance of proper breeding and health testing to preserve the breed. I’ll also share a bit about the risks that come along with poor breeding in any breed of dogs.

Here’s some more info about Moose Brown. His birthday is January 11, 2016. He was born along with 8 litter mates. 4 girls and 5 boys total. Moose is Merle Mantle in color- that’s the official color name. His body is Merle and he has a white mantle around his neck, hence the “Merle Mantle” name.

Now onto the most fun part about Great Dane pups, Height and Weight! Since a Great Dane is a Giant dog breed you can imagine that they grow pretty quickly and Moose has not disappointed. My husband and I fully understand that we don’t even notice how large Moose is anymore. We’re around him everyday and so we’re sort of immune to his size and  rapid growth. Occasionally though, I look at Moose and think “Daaaang! You got big today!” It hits you just like that, like you blinked and it happened. I’ll do a detailed post in the next few days with actual numbers and rate of growth over the month’s we’ve had Moose. For now let me tell you that he’s gained 80 pounds in the 19 weeks he’s been home. Yikes!

I look forward to telling you more about my family and all our adventures with our Great Dane Moose in the future!