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Spring Break Snooze

Just popping in to say hi! We’re here enjoying Spring Break, relaxing and watching Moose do a lot of sleeping peacefully (nothing new there!).


Merry 1st ChristMoose

Pardon the terrible title and never mind the erm, 4 month hiatus since our last post, but it is Christmas time and I had to share Moose’s first Christmas pictures!

I got Moose all lined up in front of the tree (collar on and everything!) and then he proceeded to melt into a pile of lips and drool as seen below. Enjoy!

Also wanted to share that Moose is now a real, card carrying member of the Facebook. He’s nearly a year old which is almost 7 in people years. If I’m not mistaken that’s about the age the kids join FB these days. Anyway, Moose is a hoot and sometimes an over-sharer if you’re interested in seeing what he’s up to day to day.

Follow Moose on Facebook here.






Sometimes You Shred Your Bed(s)

It’s been a weekend of destruction around here. Moose recently decided that all dog beds are bad and must die.

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Friday Photos 

I wanted to do a bit of a photo dump today. As I scroll through the pictures I have the best time laughing at the not-so-perfect shots of my pups. Their squinty eyes or disheveled hair give me a grin each time I see them.  I decided to indeed do a photo dump… But more of an outtakes version.

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6 Reasons to Choose a Dane

Choosing a pet for your family is no easy task! Thankfully, there are thousands of dog breeds and that means that there has got to be a dog breed for every person. Some things to consider are your lifestyle, level of activity, financial resources and time you’ll be willing and able to contribute to caring for your pet.

Here are some of the reasons why we chose a Great Dane for our family.

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Monday Minute

Each Monday I’ll share a quick recap about what Moose and his people did over the weekend. I’m calling this my Monday Minute.

Just popping in for a Monday Minute! Well, you officially didn’t miss anything around our place this weekend. Lots of home projects that needed completing were accomplished. Tasks like hanging things, working on the motorcycle, rearranging furniture.. all pretty boring to read about.

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Haiku #1

 Thin legs long and lean

White socks up to knobby knees

Coat of each color

Monday Minutes

Each Monday I’ll share a quick recap about what Moose and his people did over the weekend. I’m calling this my Monday Minute or Minutes if I’m feeling particularly long winded 🙂

It was pretty steamy here with scattered rain and high 90’s on both Saturday and Sunday. Today I’m playing catch up and mostly cleaning floors like you do when doggies track in dirt, grass and mud all weekend.

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Meet Millie 

I’ve spent some time talking about Moose but I didn’t want to get too far down the road without introducing Moose’s “big” sister Millie.

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